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Welcome aboard and we'll be bound for Asia!


A myriad of cities and beaches, a diversity of rich culture, and a variety of warm people makes Asia a well sought destination for relaxation, fun, and  adventure.  This site hopes to help those seeking information on the sheer pleasures that one may find in this vast and marvelous exotic continent. We aim to be the ultimate Traveler’s Guide providing the vital information on the must-see sights, places to stay, and the necessary preparations for a  trip to Asia. We provide a venue for the exchange of ideas, opinions, and relevant tips in our Forum page. And though you may not be the 999,999th visitor of our site consider yourself lucky as we'll soon have more Great Deals for WikiAsiantravel visitors!

Asian Nations:

Bangladesh | Brunei | Cambodia | China | EastTimor | India | Indonesia | Japan | SouthKorea | Laos | Malaysia | Maldives | Mongolia | Myanmar | Nepal | Pakistan | Philippines | Singapore | Sri Lanka | Taiwan | Thailand | Vietnam

Key Asian Cities:

Bandar Seri Begawan | Bangkok | Beijing | Colombo | Delhi | Hong Kong | Hanoi | Jakarta | Kuala Lumpur | Manila | Phnom Penh | Osaka | Seoul | Shanghai | Singapore City | Tokyo.....more cities and towns

When you are searching for the three S's this summer, the beaches in Maldives will serve you well.Bright sunshine, fine sands, and a sea that is crystal clear makes this nation an awesome escape for the summer. Know more....

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Planning a trip to Asia but don't know where to start? Here are some guidelines and recommendations to help you:

Themed Vacation

Click on the country to view their festivals for this month of September:

Know of a fantastic place in Asia worthy to visit? It can be your own hometown or place you just visited yesterday. Let the world know! Here are some links where you may start and get some tips:

Getting Started


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Uploading Files and Pictures

Try out and Experiment

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